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The Salt Lake Symphonic Choir began in 1949 as a group of students who became enamored with choral music in high school and were looking for an opportunity to continue singing following their graduation. Originally called the South High Alumni Choir, the Salt Lake Symphonic Choir was officially chartered in 1951. Now 68 years after its inception, the choir continues to discover new ways to share its passion for music with audiences near and far.


The Salt Lake Symphonic Choir has toured in excess of 200,000 miles and presented more than 950 concerts throughout the United States, Canada, Russia, and Armenia. The choir has performed for civic music series, a myriad of cultural organizations, colleges, universities, and charity organizations.

Artistic history

Armont Willardsen was the founder and original motivating force behind the choir. Mr. Willardsen served as the choir’s Artistic Director for 27 years. Upon Mr. Willardsen’s retirement, the baton was passed to a young choral music teacher, George A. Welch, who had been a member of the choir for two years. With his appointment as Artistic Director, he immediately began to establish his own reputation as an outstanding and talented choral conductor. He continued to build on the choir’s previous successes and was effective in taking it to new heights. During his 31-year tenure, Mr. Welch developed and enhanced the talents and accomplishments of the members of the choir. He touched the lives of hundreds with his interpretation of choral music. Dr. Michael D. Huff served as Artistic Director from 2007-2009 before leaving to organize his own excellent choir, which is based in Davis County.

The choir today

Having closely observed and appreciated her work as Assistant Director to Dr. Huff, the Salt Lake Symphonic Choir’s Board of Directors selected Erin Pike Tall to lead the choir into this new decade and the years ahead. In the time that she has worked with the choir, she has brought a refreshing and steady vision, raising expectations for members and audiences alike. Under her studied and expressive hand, the Salt Lake Symphonic Choir is moving towards even higher standards of choral excellence.